Pat Dunn & Company are proud to offer a wide range of services to clients from steel construction to various types of engineering as well as transport and cranage. With over 50 year’s experience in the industry and market, Pat Dunn & Company are the best in Southern Africa and guarantee to finish your project on time and on budget. Engineering, as well as steel construction, have always been our core offerings to clients and we are proud to have a strong team of 32 employees in this department.

Our Engineering Services include:

  •    Civil Engineering: Pat Dunn & Company are involved with the maintenance, design and construction of both natural and physically built environments such as buildings, water reservoirs, subdivisions, bridges and sewer systems.
  • Structural Engineering: This branch of the civil engineering involves designing structures such as buildings and bridges. The majority of our structural engineers work primarily as consultants to architects or design-build contractors, in addition to inspecting materials to be used for construction.
  •    Mechanical and Process Engineering: Our engineers are responsible for designing the heating, ventilation and smoke ventilation systems that make-up buildings. They can work on projects ranging from dryers to warehouses and shopping malls.
Engineering Services Pat Dunn & Company

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